Receive Up to $70,000 in 3-4 Weeks by Just Giving Away $7.00 Today!

the seven dollar magic

Dear Fellow Marketers,

What you are about to discover is totally a mind-blowing possibility! Imagine that in the next 3 to 4 weeks,  thousands of people from around the world are sending you $1.00 every day direct to your PayPal account...

If that happens, you will be making a HUGE INCOME ONLINE even if you no longer want to. The truth is, you can’t stop it. You can never say NO to it the moment it starts coming.

Have you heard about "The Seven Dollar Project? This is just a clear version of it. If not, read this page religiously because something in your life starting today is about to change! 

Please do not be skeptical about this system.  At least think about it for a few days. 

Otherwise, you will throw away over 70,000 dollars in cash! This system has been working for over 2 years now. Thousands of people have already participated WORLDWIDE, and they have been surprised by the results in no time! 

Many people said that it's a Miracle. But in reality, it isn't. This is just a plain and simple system that applies the Law of Giving and Receiving to make wealth online. You will understand everything in a bit later.

As being said, “if you give you will receive, and if you give more, you will receive more.” And that’s the law and it's always in effect. That’s how the Universe works. 

But wait!

We are not going to give more, only a total of $7.00 to calm that a bit of “malicious thought” that’s propagating in your doubtful mind right now. Yes, it does not have to be hard and heavy. It's almost a ridiculous amount.

If you can risk a total of $7.00 and give each dollar ($1.00) to someone whom you don’t know, you will soon receive those amount back a thousand times. This has been proven and it simply works! 

But before we move into the details, let me ask you a question: 

What really is $7.00 for you? 

Is it something that you can’t sleep at night if you lose? Is it really a BIG DEAL? Is it something that you can’t offer to a friend? To a stranger? 

If yes, this system is not for you. The universe only responds to those who are willing to give unto others heartily, with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts. 

You know what? kindness is everything. Unkind people are moving against the flow that’s why they suffer. And when it comes to generating wealth, selfishness and doubt are totally out of the context. 

Is this another SCAM? 

If you have that in mind right now, simply just don’t join. If you think you will be scammed with ONLY $7.00, then stop reading. We respect that influence of fear in your mind but don’t make us laugh!

Fear doesn't help. It only keeps you safe from the danger that in reality does not exist, only in your mind. It's a lie. So never allow fear to control your life.

Take a risk and explore the infinite possibilities that this universe has to offer. If you need that amount badly, multiply it by just giving it away.  That's the secret!

Now ask yourself: 

If yes, let’s continue… 

Now that you are willing to give a total of $7.00, let’s go with the details. 

How it Works? 

This system is so simple and you don’t have to think much about it. 

Here’s how: 

There is a list of 7 PayPal accounts (email addresses) of people who are already in the system (who joined before you). Just send $1.00 to each account and it will cost you a total of $7.00 

If done, remove the first account and push the list upward by putting your own PayPal account at the bottom or in #7. In short, you join the system by sending a dollar 7 times to 7 different people and you begin at the bottom. Soon, you will be pushed to the top by someone who also does the same. 

And for you to receive... 

Just copy this entire message and edit to enter your own PayPal account on the list. Make a copy of this message in an email format and send to a minimum of 40 people (the more the better). There's a pre-written email copy that you can download below.

If you are the sender, your PayPal account must be placed at the bottom (#7). What will happen next is the actual MAGIC of your seven dollars in effect! 

As people who understand this system do the same, that list of 7 PayPal accounts including yours will reach an unimaginable number of people exponentially. It spreads like a wildfire and no one can stop it.  It gets viral as everyone sends the same message to their own 40 contacts. Some will send it as many as they can.

Every time someone joins, he or she will be sending $1.00 to each PayPal account on the list including yours. And there will be an unbelievable number of people who send you a Dollar knowing that $7.00 is just too handy to be given away.

What I have shown on the screenshot above is just the beginning. People will be sending $1.00 to you soon. The point is, $1.00 has started coming and it's inevitable.

That flow of multiple $1.00 will never stop as long as your PayPal account is still on the list spreading all over the Internet, reaching thousands of people's inboxes. When it reaches number 1 and someone sends you a dollar, you are now out of the system on that one leg alone.

Remember that every person who joins is a new leg to send you a dollar. While you’re moving up to the ladder, you will be reaching a lot of people from the effort of others who send the same message to their contacts. 

Don’t get tempted by putting your PayPal account on the list without sending money.  If you do, yes no one knows except the Universe who’s the author of everything. Whether you plant a seed of dishonesty or kindness, the fruit of the same kind is yours to reap abundantly. 

Don’t cheat! It does not work that way! 

Do this with honesty and willingness to share your blessings unto others even in small ways.  So, never break the rules. Just submit yourself to the Seven Dollar Magic system and do your part while expecting the best thing to happen in 3 to 4 weeks.

Even if you cheat, it does not affect the entire system. There are many out there who will follow the rules honestly. Remember that each person who joins is a new leg or branch to multiply, which has nothing to do with other branches spreading elsewhere.

Remember, what is $7.00? 

It can't make you rich if you just keep it for nothing in your account! But if you give it away, it does!

Moving from level 7 to level 1 is a time of sowing at the same time reaping. And if you can see it clearly, it’s the other people doing it for you, not you. That’s the power of leverage applied in this system. And everyone in this program will enjoy the same opportunity.

Here's what people who have tried this say: 

7 Dollatr Magic Proof 1

7 Dollar Magic Proof 2

Just a few months ago, those guys did the same thing as you. Because they choose to follow the simple instructions that you can see below. They are now considerably better financially. And there is not a single reason why you cannot share in this success. 

With this Seven Dollar Magic System, you have nothing to lose but ALL to win! 

Now, let's get started! 

Just follow the instructions as outlined below and then prepare for a HUGE cash inflow over the next 3 to 4 weeks

Here's what you need to do: 

STEP 1. Create a PayPal Account. 

Create a PayPal account by going to and fund it with at least $ 8.00. If you already have one with funds, skip this part. 

STEP 2. Send $1.00 to Each PayPal Account Below 

This is the current list:

1.    <= $1.00 
2.          <= $1.00 
3.                              <= $1.00 
4.                   <= $1.00 
5.                  <= $1.00 
6.                  <= $1.00 
7.                       <= $1.00 

So, just send a dollar to each PayPal account above now with a smile on your face and expect it to come in many folds soon. Unleash it to the Universe and let the Law of Giving and Receiving seeks its own fulfillment. You've just done your part.

It costs you a total of ONLY $7.00 right? But PayPal might charge you .02 for every transaction. So, you need to have slightly more than $7.00 on your PayPal account.

STEP 3 - Edit the List and Enter Your PayPal Account

Delete the first PayPal account on the list above and make a new list including yours at the bottom. Just copy and paste the above list into any text editor (notepad or MSWord). It should appear like this:

7. Your PayPal Account Here

STEP 4 - Prepare to send an Email

Download this pre-written email copy and edit. Insert your new list of PayPal email addresses (with yours at #7) the same position as above.

STEP 5 - Spread the Message

Send the message to a minimum of 40 people. You can use Gmail, Yahoo Mail or any email provider. Do not SPAM or do mass mailing using those email accounts! If you have a list, much better.

After giving away a total of $7, go to the bottom of this page and fill up the form so that you can get a "Done For You" replicated website with your PayPal account listed on number 7 position  (just like the list above) ready to be promoted.

You will also access some promotional materials such as animated banners, pre-written long and short copy of email messages, FREE leads and places where to find traffic.

Now, can you see the SIMPLICITY,  POWER,  and MAGIC of your $7.00 with this system?


Fire up your heart and mind with the Principle of Giving and Receiving. Discover how it creates MAGIC and MIRACLE in other people's lives. Click the download button below, it's FREE!

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